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Colleen’s 70th Birthday, Day of Details
April 27th, 2019


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Please download digitized drafts by clicking the links below.

NEEDS APPROVAL ON TUESDAY 4/23: Pouch Tag, Pouch Card

  1. Oval Signs | 24x36” wooden ovals with gold vinyl lettering and hand painted flowers | please note that flowers may differ slightly from this file as they will be hand painted acrylic. | qty: 2

  2. Balcony Banner | 12 x 137” (plus curled ends) | gold vinyl on white craft paper, fishing line attached. Please confirm the length of the balcony where this will hang. | qty: 1

  3. Pouch Tag | 1.5 x 3” with .25” hole punch | on 100# white cover stock | qty: 40

  4. Pouch Card | 2 x 3.5” | on 100# white cover stock | qty: 40

  5. Birthday Wish Sign | 8 x10” | on 100# white cover stock with gold foi, in gold frame | qty: 1

  6. Dessert Wine Sign | 5x7” | on 100# white cover stock with gold foil, in gold frame | qty: 1

  7. Whiskey Tasting Sign | 5x7” | on 100# white cover stock with gold foil, in gold frame | qty: 1

  8. M&M Cutout | 12x14” | on 100# white cover stock with backing to attach to top of TV cutout | qty:1

  9. Solo Cup Sticker | 1.5” circle | gold label paper | qty: 100

  10. Guiding Light TV Screen | 16x20 | Poster Paper | qty: 1 | Cut out and attach to TV Screen.

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I have proofed this electronic copy for spelling, punctuation, placement, numbers, type style, specified colors, page imposition and artwork. It is expressly understood that any changes wanted or errors discovered after this proofing are my sole responsibility, and any costs incurred will be at my expense. I understand that colors vary from monitor to monitor and the colors I see on my screen may not exactly match the printed product. By checking 'APPROVED' I accept this digital copy as my final proof and no hard copy proof is needed. To accept these terms, you may check one of the following boxes:
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