Clouds, Stars & Moons Baby Shower


Early this summer I had the great pleasure of helping to throw a baby shower in my cousin's honor, and just about two weeks ago her baby Charlotte was born! Check out pictures of the party below, as well as further info on all the details. Don't forget to check out my Pinterest board about this shower for sources and inspiration!

Theme: Purple, clouds, stars, moons, "Life is but a dream".

Venue: Private residence, with tent by McCarthy Tents

Weather: Rainy (perfect!)

Invitations: We wanted these to be a teeny tiny keepsake, so created a mini mobile with raining stars that could be hung for display. One side featured the quote "Life is but a dream." from Row, Row, Row Your Boat. The other side had all of the important party details!

On the tables: We knew our mom-to-be didn't want to play many games, so we instead opted for an activity that she picked out, to be completed after plates were cleared! We set up art boards at each setting that were pre-traced with all the letters of the alphabet, some numbers, and a few shapes. There were watercolor paint palettes, water cups, paintbrushes and napkins at each setting. Each guest painted their own illustration board, and the finished squares will be framed together for the nursery! A small table with extra supplies, pencils, and sharpies was also available. It was the perfect activity to keep guests busy while gifts were opened!

The Clouds: Since there was a lot happening at the tables, we wanted our centerpieces to happen from above. Since this shower was tented, there was plenty of structure to hang from. I own stock in strung crystals, so used my supply to hang from these DIY clouds, made from paper lanterns and quilt batting. BONUS: This new mom is a teacher, and with the drop ceilings in most classrooms, these clouds will be easy to hang and make a magical learning environment later on!

Food: Our hostesses provided trays of croissant sandwiches from Wegmans and homemade grilled pizzas. We featured a yogurt bar complete with savory and sweet toppings, and we had two fabulous desserts made by family friends- cupcakes and cut outs! How lucky are we to have such talented friends and family?

Favors: Did you know the Oregano blooms a purple flower? Since when it rains, baby plants grow, we felt "An Herb that Flowers from Alaina's Baby Shower" was an appropriate sentiment for favors. These were purchased in bulk from a local farm and wrapped in tissue to coordinate with the rest of the decor. I love favors that can be put to good use! TIP: We wrapped the tissue around EMPTY plastic planters first so we could water the Oregano and just slide the plants in at the last minute.

Flowers: Since our clouds were the main event, we used flowers as accents around the party. We went to a local floral shop and ordered purple and white blooms, then made simple arrangements with a few stems in bud vases. Had we wanted large floral arrangements I would’ve left it to the professionals! Though we didn't play games, we had one raffle during gifts. Winners were able to choose a lottery ticket out of one larger (simple) arrangement- one guest won $50! I borrowed this idea from a friend's mother, who did something similar with gift cards- it's another great way to keep guests engaged.

Other Details: 

  • Using frames we already owned, we put baby pictures of the parents all around. The frames didn't all match, but we used what we had that coordinated nicely!
  • The most stressful thing ever is losing your drink at a party, so we provided little paper star drink charms and a sharpie for writing your name (in purple, of course).
  • A few moon and star themed signs and banners were placed in different areas, carrying the theme through the whole event!
  • Star wrapped water bottles do not make or break a party, but I've always got my eye open for ideas! When I saw the foil stamped paper on sale because it was discontinued, I knew I could put it to good use.
  • Foil stamped napkins are a favorite item of mine to order- I usually get more than enough and make sure to design with intention. Because the napkins don't explicitly say "BABY SHOWER" they could be used again when guests come over at a later date.

Thanks for reading! Have questions about this shower, or an inquiry about custom design work? Ask me here!

xo Alex